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The night started off pretty crazy for me. I was at my home over 3 hours away from Nashville waiting on a delivery. I wasn't even sure due to waiting on a delivery if i would be able to get to the show. Like always my life goes in a crazy circle and i am in the middle watching it spin around.

So i got ready and was hitting the road at a little before 4pm. No concert ticket in hand just me, my purse, my digital camera, wheels, and a desire to see a good rock and roll show. Along the way i had to stop for gas not once but twice and of course i had to curse under my breath about that. Don't  we all? I guess gas just don't go as far as it should you know? I figured putting a $20 in about a 130 miles from Nashville would get me there. Wrong, had to stop one more time but it was all good because they had a cash machine and i had forgotten to stop by the cash machine on my way out of my out of my town. I knew i would have to pay to park and i don't think they accept master card or visa for that. Course i could be wrong...

Anyway going at the last minute made a stop in at one of the nice places to eat  out of the question. That or sacrifice the purpose for the trip seeing Bob Seger. So i get up to will call/ticket sales to get my ticket and find out they had a floor seat left which i was hoping for. I will have to keep that in mind for future dates if they use the same kind of set up again. Not sure if that was standard seating for shows there at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN or not? No matter I can't complain i got there at 7:30pm and got a floor seat so who really wants to bitch? Also another perk of buying like that is to avoid those dreaded convenience fees. I think Bridgestone charges a whole $2.50 when you buy it there. If all tickets were like that i would say a lot less about ticket prices so long as they didn't tack it on the other end of your ticket.

I am not sure i even know the opener. I got to see about 2 songs, but that is okay. I was busy looking around and all to see what the place looked like from the floor instead of from the 300's like the last time i was there and saw Tom Petty . If you have any reservations about heights don't buy seats up there. It had been awhile since i had been up high and i was a little uneasy for a little while. The poor usher took pity on me and let me sit in the handicap at Petty.  I guess technically i was handicap for a bit, lol.

After the opener was done the stage was broke down. I took the time to go up and grab something quick to eat. It had been quite some time since having a late breakfast. I gotta say the folks in Nashville are fairly friendly. I was nice and spoke to the guy sitting next to me and he spoke back. Not that it matters but the last concert i went to was the most unfriendly sort of people i have run into. I guess i will never get people like that. It costs nothing to be nice, sometimes it can cost you everything to be an asshole.

Part of my row was empty so i moved behind a shorter woman. Nothing against ya shorties but i love it when you are standing in front of me instead of some dude who is 6'8" and looks like he could wrestle a razorback with his bare hands. Before i knew it Seger was coming out and the show was about to start. The first song was Roll Me Away and from the first to the last song this felt like a celebration of sorts. Good times and nothing but good time music. It took me down memory lane too. I can remember nabbing my oldest brothers records while he was away and listening to Seger. And praying to God i didn't scratch it so i wouldn't get caught.

I and the rest of crowd got a surprise. Kid Rock came on to sing Real Mean Bottle. He came out so quick that i was like dang. I ran up like an idiot towards the front. You would have thought he was the Beatles or something. It was like lightening was in my veins or maybe i am just ready for my Kid Rock show coming up this summer too?

I must say Bob Seger still has it. As the years have gone by i had forgotten how many Seger tunes i actually know well. Surprisingly i knew most all of them. And i was happy they played Old Time Rock n' Roll. Coming up in the 80's almost made me wanna demand it be played. Who here hasn't seen Risky Business and either wanted to put shades on and slide across the floor in their underwear  and lip sync or done it?

The touring band consists of : Chris Campbell Bass Guitar, Craig Frost Keyboards, Mark Chatfield Lead Guitar, Alto Reed Saxaphones, Shaun Murphy and Laura Creamer on backing vocals, Don Brewer Drums, Jim "Moose" Brown Guitar and Keyboard, Barbara Payton Backing vocals, Motorcity Horns: John Rutherford, Mark Byerly, Keith Kaminski, & Bob Jensen and last but not least Kurt Wolak occasional Keyboards.

The setlist;

1. Roll Me Away
2. Tryin' To Live My Life Without You
3. Fire Down Below
4. Mainstreet
5. Old Time Rock & Roll
6. Downtown Train
7. Ramblin'  Gamblin' Man
8. C'est La Vie
9. Good For Me
10. Shining Brightly
11. Travelin' Man
12. Beautful Loser
13. Nutbush City Limits
14. Come to Poppa
15. Her Strut
16. Betty Lou's Getting Out Tonight
17. We've Got Tonight
18. Turn The Page
19. Sunspot Baby
20. Horizontal Bop
21. Real Mean Bottle with KID ROCK
Encore 1
22. Against the Wind
23. Hollywood Nights

Encore 2
24. Night Moves
25. Rock and Roll Never Forgets